Safety Assured: TXDOT Addresses Cosmetic Damage on Harlingen Bridges

Texas Department of Transportation addresses community concerns over cosmetic bridge damages in Harlingen, confirming structural safety.

Harlingen Bridge Cracks Cause Community Concern, TXDOT Responds

Images circulating on social media showing what appear to be cracks or damages on bridges in Harlingen have sparked concern among community members. However, Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) spokesperson Ray Pedraza has assured residents that these are merely cosmetic damages and do not affect the structural integrity of the bridges.

“These are cosmetic damages,” Pedraza stated. “The bridges are in good condition. If they weren’t, we would close them.”

Pedraza’s statement comes in response to the growing anxiety among Harlingen residents who have seen the images online. The reassurance from TXDOT is meant to allay fears and confirm that the bridges remain safe for use.

“TXDOT conducts inspections from time to time to ensure this,” Pedraza added. To emphasize the commitment to safety, TXDOT recently closed the Harlingen to McAllen flyover at the Harlingen interchange for its annual inspections. This closure is part of routine maintenance to ensure that all infrastructure remains in optimal condition.

The Harlingen to McAllen flyover closure is a proactive measure taken by TXDOT to inspect and maintain the bridge. Such inspections are critical to ensuring the ongoing safety and reliability of the transportation infrastructure.

Community concerns about bridge safety are not uncommon, especially when visible damages are noticed. However, TXDOT’s rigorous inspection protocols and commitment to transparency are designed to keep the public informed and safe.

Residents are encouraged to report any visible damages or concerns to TXDOT, as community input is valuable in maintaining public infrastructure. The department remains dedicated to addressing any issues promptly and effectively.

In summary, while the images of cracks on Harlingen bridges have caused some alarm, TXDOT has confirmed that these damages are only cosmetic and do not compromise the bridges’ structural integrity. Regular inspections and maintenance continue to be a priority to ensure the safety of all bridge users.