Shark Attack Survivor Tabatha Sullivan Speaks Out

Tabatha Sullivan Shares Her Harrowing Experience of a Shark Attack at South Padre Island and the Family’s Journey to Recovery

Shark Attack Survivor Tabatha Sullivan Speaks Out

It has been five days since the shark attack at South Padre Island, and one of the four victims, Tabatha Sullivan, is breaking her silence about the traumatic event. The Sullivan family was celebrating their youngest daughter’s 15th birthday when the incident occurred.

The Harrowing Encounter

Tabatha and her husband Kerry encountered the shark along the coastline. Recounting the incident, Tabatha said, “And all I saw was something gray in the water. And so I just I kicked it because I thought, oh my God, it’s a huge fish. And it was coming at us. So I kicked at it. And that’s when I think it grabbed my leg.”

Kerry Sullivan acted swiftly to save his wife, striking the shark several times. While he sustained some shark bites, they were not as severe as Tabatha’s injuries. Tragically, Tabatha lost her left calf in the attack.

Road to Recovery

Despite the severity of her injuries, Tabatha remains optimistic about her recovery. “I have movement in my toes. I have movement in my ankle. My bone structure is good. I’m going to probably need physical therapy for sure. Somebody or something was definitely looking over us,” she said.

Following surgery, Tabatha has regained some feeling at the top of her foot but not at the bottom. She has also started using a walker, beginning her long journey towards recovery.

Seeking Support

The Sullivan family is currently seeking support to cover the medical expenses associated with Tabatha’s recovery. Those who wish to donate can do so through the GoFundMe page set up for the family: Support Cary and Tabatha’s Recovery Journey.

Shark Attack Survivor Tabatha Sullivan Speaks Out