Community Mourns Jocelyn Nungaray at Emotional Funeral Service

Friends and family gather to honor Jocelyn Nungaray, remembered for her love of books and animals, at a poignant funeral service.

Community Mourns Jocelyn Nungaray at Emotional Funeral Service

The funeral service for Jocelyn Nungaray, the 12-year-old girl tragically murdered, brought together friends, family, and officials from Houston and Harris County to pay their respects and seek justice for her untimely death.

Fond Memories Shared

Described by her family as shy, reserved, and passionate about books and animals, Jocelyn Nungaray’s life was celebrated with heartfelt tributes during the service. Her presence in the community and the impact of her loss were palpable as loved ones recalled cherished memories.

Tragic Circumstances

Jocelyn’s body was discovered in a creek on June 17th, marking the beginning of a criminal investigation that led to the arrest of two Venezuelan men—Johan Jose Martinez Rangel and Franklin Jose Pena Ramos—charged with capital murder in connection with her death.

Official Presence and Support

The presence of Houston and Harris County officials underscored the community’s solidarity in seeking justice for Jocelyn. The tragic nature of her passing has sparked widespread condolences and a unified call for accountability.

Seeking Justice

As the investigation into Jocelyn Nungaray’s murder continues, the community remains vigilant, advocating for justice and closure for her grieving family. The case has drawn attention to the importance of safeguarding children and addressing violence within communities.


The funeral service for Jocelyn Nungaray served as a poignant reminder of a life cut short and a community united in grief and determination. As investigations proceed and legal proceedings unfold, her memory will continue to inspire efforts towards justice and support for her family.

Community Mourns Jocelyn Nungaray at Emotional Funeral Service