Camila Peña

Camila Peña is the Evening News Anchor at Fox Rio Grande Valley at 9pm

Camila Pena, a native of McAllen and a resident of Hidalgo, where she was raised, is a dedicated professional committed to journalism. After graduating from Hidalgo High School in 2016, she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Spanish from the University of Texas A&M Kingsville.

Camila honed her skills as a writer at the ‘South Texan’ University newspaper, where she gained valuable journalistic experience. Fox News South Texas is proud to have Camila as one of our esteemed multimedia journalists and a valuable member of our news team.

In addition to her passion for journalism, Camila finds joy in spending time with her loved ones and making a positive impact in people’s lives through her reporting, aiming to unite her community.

“I firmly believe that everyone has a unique story to share; it’s our duty to listen and learn.”