Progreso Mayor Arrested on Federal Drug Trafficking Charges

Progreso Mayor Jerry Alanis and three others face federal charges for conspiring to distribute cocaine, with investigations led by Homeland Security and the DEA

In a shocking turn of events, Progreso Mayor Jerry Alanis was arrested this morning on federal charges related to drug trafficking. The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District confirmed the arrest, which has sent ripples through the small community.

A Family Affair in Crime

According to the indictment, Mayor Alanis, his brother Frank Alanis, and two other individuals are accused of conspiring to distribute more than five kilograms of cocaine between January 2020 and March 2022. The plot thickens as the indictment reveals that in June 2020, the group also planned to transport around 26 kilograms of the drug.

Count three of the charges states that in April 2021, the mayor and the three men distributed almost 14 kilograms of cocaine. Notably, the mayor’s brother was arrested last year for his involvement in the crime. He now faces a minimum of ten years in prison and a maximum fine of $10 million.

Investigations Underway

The case is currently being investigated by Homeland Security and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The involvement of these federal agencies underscores the seriousness of the charges and the potential implications for the community of Progreso.

As the investigation continues, questions arise about the impact of these allegations on the town’s leadership and the trust placed in elected officials. The arrest of a sitting mayor on such serious charges is a reminder of the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and the importance of vigilance in law enforcement.

Community Reactions and Implications

The news of Mayor Alanis’s arrest has undoubtedly shocked the residents of Progreso. The town, known for its close-knit community, now faces the challenge of dealing with the fallout from these allegations. The case also highlights the broader issue of corruption and crime in local governments, prompting calls for greater transparency and accountability.

For more information on this developing story and updates on the investigation, stay tuned to FOXRGV. As the community grapples with the implications of these charges, the focus will be on ensuring justice is served and restoring trust in the town’s leadership.