McAllen Police Seek Public’s Help in Locating Truck Thief

McAllen Police Department launches search for Alfredo Torres, wanted for stealing a blue GMC Sierra from the 2400 block of North High Street.

McAllen Police Seek Public’s Help in Locating Truck Thief

The McAllen Police Department is seeking assistance from the public to locate Alfredo Torres, who is wanted in connection with the theft of a blue GMC Sierra. The theft occurred near the 2400 block of North High Street last Saturday night around 7:00 AM. Torres, aged 22, faces charges related to the theft of a motor vehicle.

Call for Community Assistance

McAllen Crime Stoppers has issued a plea to anyone with information on Alfredo Torres’s whereabouts to come forward. Those who have any knowledge of Torres’s location are urged to contact McAllen Crime Stoppers at (956) 687-8477. Callers can remain anonymous, and any information provided could be crucial in apprehending Torres.

Description of the Incident

The stolen vehicle, a blue GMC Sierra, was reported missing from the 2400 block of North High Street during the early hours of last Saturday morning. McAllen PD has been actively investigating the case and is now seeking public cooperation to swiftly locate and apprehend the suspect.

Legal Ramifications

Alfredo Torres’s involvement in the theft has serious legal implications, with charges pending related to the unlawful taking of a motor vehicle. Law enforcement officials emphasize the severity of such crimes and the importance of community involvement in maintaining public safety.

Community Response

The theft has raised concerns within the community about vehicle security and safety. Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to local authorities promptly. The cooperation of the community is vital in preventing and solving such incidents.


As McAllen PD continues its efforts to locate Alfredo Torres and recover the stolen GMC Sierra, the department relies on the support and cooperation of the public. Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact McAllen Crime Stoppers immediately at (956) 687-8477.


McAllen Police Seek Public's Help in Locating Truck Thief