Hidalgo County Stands United for Child Abuse Prevention Month

DA’s Office Partners with Local Organizations to Raise Awareness

In a collaborative effort to combat child abuse, the local county district attorney’s office is partnering with several organizations to spread awareness for Child Abuse Prevention Month. CASA of Hidalgo County and the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Hidalgo and Starr County are joining forces with the DA’s office to proclaim April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

The initiative aims to shed light on the unfortunate reality that many children suffer abuse at the hands of their family and loved ones. “This month, we focus on trying to spread prevention,” a spokesperson from the DA’s office stated, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in protecting vulnerable children.

To show solidarity in the fight against child abuse, those planning to attend the proclamation event are encouraged to wear blue. The event is scheduled for tomorrow at 10 in the morning at the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court, located at 100 East Cano Road in the city of Edinburg.

Community members are urged to come together to support this vital cause and take a stand against child abuse. Together, we can work towards a safer and more nurturing environment for all children.