Weslaco’s Initiative: Over 100 Free Spay/Neuter Surgeries to Help Pets During Storms

Weslaco’s initiative to offer over 100 free pet surgeries aims to combat overpopulation and protect pets during storms

Weslaco Offers Over 100 Free Pet Surgeries to Combat Overpopulation

The City of Weslaco has taken a significant step towards reducing pet overpopulation by offering more than 100 free surgeries to resident’s pets. This initiative not only aims to control the pet population but also to enhance the safety of pets during stormy weather.

Benefits During Storms

When storms are forecasted, experts recommend bringing pets inside and keeping them in a secure cage. However, stray animals often suffer the most during such conditions. Spaying and neutering pets is an effective way to reduce the number of strays and ensure they are less vulnerable during storms.

Adrian Gonzalez, the Mayor of Weslaco, highlighted the importance of collaboration in addressing overpopulation. “Working together with different partnerships and providing the space for animals. The overpopulation has been an issue here in the Rio Grande Valley, and we’re trying to work together with our leaders to find solutions to these problems,” said Gonzalez.

Community Initiative

The free clinics offered by Weslaco provided spay and neuter surgeries for over 100 pets. The city hopes that other areas in the Rio Grande Valley will implement similar programs to mitigate overpopulation and reduce the dangers faced by animals on the streets.

“This is an incredible program that we can replicate in other parts of the Rio Grande Valley and the state. As responsible pet owners, we need to urge our local governments to do more,” stated Vicente Gonzalez, District 34 Congress Representative. He also mentioned efforts to bring federal resources to support spay and neuter programs, build animal shelters, and care for pets.

Microchipping and Safety

Experts also emphasize the importance of microchipping pets to help during storms. “Sometimes they experience anxiety and get scared because of the noises and storms, and they tend to run off. It’s important to have that microchip or a tag with your information up to date. This helps keep pets out of shelters and saves their lives,” explained Elizabeth Gomez, spokesperson for Best Friends Animal Society.

Authorities recommend that community members contact their local shelters for more information on spaying, neutering, and microchipping services.


Weslaco’s initiative to provide free spay and neuter surgeries is a crucial step in addressing pet overpopulation and ensuring the safety of pets during adverse weather conditions. The city encourages other regions to adopt similar measures to protect vulnerable animals and promote responsible pet ownership.

Weslaco's Initiative: Over 100 Free Spay/Neuter Surgeries to Help Pets During Storms