Starr County Woman Sues After Arrest for Self-Induced Abortion

Lizelle Gonzalez Seeks Over $1 Million in Damages from County Prosecutors

In a legal battle that highlights the complexities of abortion laws, Starr County resident Lizelle Gonzalez is suing the county’s district attorney’s office for more than $1 million in damages. The lawsuit comes after Gonzalez was arrested in 2022 for self-inducing an abortion at 19 weeks of pregnancy.

Gonzalez’s lawsuit claims that she spent two nights in jail and her name, mugshot, and private medical information were made public, causing her significant distress and damage to her reputation. The charges against her were dropped just a few days later, adding to the controversy surrounding the case.

The arrest occurred months before the landmark Roe v. Wade decision was overturned, and Texas’s near-total ban on abortion came into effect. This has raised questions about the timing and motivation behind the prosecution.

The lawsuit aims to hold the county’s prosecutors accountable for what Gonzalez and her legal team argue was an unjust and damaging action against her. As the case unfolds, it will likely spark further debate on the legal and ethical implications of abortion laws in Texas and across the United States.

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Starr County Woman Sues After Arrest for Self-Induced Abortion