Starr County Officer Arrested by ATF on Federal Charges

Starr County detention officer Gonzalo Gonzalez arrested on federal charges by ATF, prompting immediate termination and reaffirmation of commitment to transparency by Sheriff Rene “Orta” Fuentes.

Starr County Officer Arrested by ATF on Federal Charges

In a significant development, Gonzalo Gonzalez, a detention officer at Starr County Jail since February 2022, was arrested today on federal charges following an indictment by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms (ATF). The arrest was made in accordance with the federal indictment, and Gonzalez has been swiftly relieved of his duties by the Starr County Sheriff’s Office.

Immediate Termination and Commitment to Transparency

Sheriff Rene “Orta” Fuentes emphasized the importance of maintaining public trust and transparency within the Sheriff’s Office and the county jail. “Today, Starr County Detention Officer Gonzalo Gonzalez was arrested on a federal indictment by the ATF,” Sheriff Fuentes stated. “He has been employed at the Starr County Jail since February 2022 and has been immediately relieved of his duties.”

Upholding Accountability

The arrest underscores the commitment of local law enforcement to accountability and ensuring that officers uphold the highest standards of conduct. Sheriff Fuentes reiterated his dedication to upholding the law and serving the community with integrity.

Community Impact and Response

The news has sparked concerns within the community about the incident’s implications and the integrity of the Sheriff’s Office. Residents are looking to Sheriff Fuentes and his team for continued transparency as the legal process unfolds.

“We are committed to ensuring that our actions uphold the trust and confidence of the community,” Sheriff Fuentes added. “Transparency is essential as we move forward in addressing this matter.”


As the investigation progresses, Starr County authorities remain vigilant in their efforts to uphold the rule of law and maintain public trust. The arrest of Gonzalo Gonzalez serves as a reminder of the importance of accountability and transparency in law enforcement.


Starr County Officer Arrested by ATF on Federal Charges
Starr County Officer Arrested by ATF on Federal Charges