Spike in Accidents Prompts Authorities to Warn Against Distracted Driving

With more than six accidents in recent days, authorities emphasize the importance of avoiding distracted driving and adhering to speed limits

Authorities Urge Caution as Distracted Driving Leads to Multiple Accidents

In the last couple of days, more than six accidents have occurred in our region. Authorities emphasize that the majority of these accidents could have been prevented and are urging drivers to avoid distractions while behind the wheel.

“A lot of factors contribute to accidents, and one of the biggest is speed. Speeding, along with distracted driving, is a dangerous combination that leads to accidents, disasters, and fatalities,” said Jose Trevino, Palmview Police Chief.

Trevino added that common signs of distracted driving include swerving or remaining stationary at a light for too long. These behaviors can indicate a driver is not paying attention to the road.

Medical experts highlight that 26% of all auto accidents are caused by texting and driving. “People sometimes do not realize how easy it is to get into an accident. If you’re going 55 miles an hour, reading a text takes about five seconds, which is the average length of a football field,” explained Ivan Garcia, a Family Medicine Specialist at DHR.

Authorities urge the community to be vigilant and aware of their surroundings while driving. To further promote road safety, they recommend adhering to speed limits and avoiding any form of distracted driving, including texting.

For more information on safe driving practices and the latest updates, visit TxDOT.


Spike in Accidents Prompts Authorities to Warn Against Distracted Driving