Better Business Bureau Warns of Solar Panel Scams: Know Before You Buy

Customers Report Poor Performance and Misleading Savings Claims

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has raised concerns over a growing number of complaints from customers regarding solar panel installation and performance. Many individuals have reported issues with poor insulation and underperforming solar panels, leading to dissatisfaction and financial loss.

A key issue identified in the BBB report is the misleading claims about the savings and benefits of installing solar panels. Consumers are often enticed by promises of significant reductions in energy bills, only to find that the actual savings fall short of expectations.

To safeguard against potential scams and ensure a worthwhile investment, the BBB recommends starting with your utility provider. Power companies often have a list of registered contractors with experience in solar installations, as well as a cost calculator to help homeowners determine if solar panels are a viable option for their specific situation.

Additionally, obtaining bids from at least two or three reputable vendors in the area is crucial. This allows homeowners to compare prices, services, and the credibility of different contractors before making a decision.

As the interest in renewable energy sources continues to grow, it is important for consumers to conduct thorough research and seek reliable advice to avoid falling victim to solar panel scams.