Rescue and Recovery: 19 Dogs Saved from Hoarding Situation in Brownsville

In a concerning turn of events, the Brownsville Animal Care and Regulation Center has uncovered a dog hoarding situation, rescuing 19 dogs found living in poor conditions. The alarm was raised by a family member of the unidentified owner, who reported that the dogs were being kept in inhumane circumstances.

Upon intervention, the shelter persuaded the owner to surrender the animals. “Two of the animals, when we first brought all the animals in, were in very bad shape,” said a spokesperson from the center. “They had what we determined to be signs of potential distemper. And so we did the humane thing and made a tough decision to put the animals down.” The owner was fined, but will not face criminal charges.

The remaining 17 dogs are currently under medical care and are showing signs of recovery. Antonio Caldwell from the center emphasized the importance of community responsibility in such cases. “Animals don’t ask to be in this situation, but it is our responsibility as their guardians, as community members, to make sure that they’re living a healthy and safe life,” he said.

The center is now seeking foster homes for the recovering dogs, as the shelter environment can be stressful and hinder their recovery. “It’s going to be a long road to recovery. However, it’s definitely possible if we can get them into foster homes where they can be supervised,” Caldwell added. The dogs are not yet eligible for adoption but can be temporarily fostered as soon as Wednesday.

Call to action: You can help the Dogs

The center will provide all necessary supplies for those willing to house these dogs temporarily. Interested individuals are urged to call the center at 956 544-7351 to offer their support. This is a critical time for the Brownsville community to come together and ensure these dogs receive the care and love they deserve.

19 Dogs rescued from home in Brownsville