Protest for Justice: Family of Roberto Rios Marches in San Juan, Seeks Answers

Family and friends of Roberto Rios march in San Juan, demanding justice and answers after fatal crash

The family and loved ones of Roberto Rios, who tragically lost his life in a recent crash, organized a protest in the city of San Juan to demand justice and seek answers. The group gathered between 495 and Raul Longoria before marching to the local police station, holding signs and chanting for justice.

“We need justice for my son,” said one family member. “The authorities are doing their job, but we need the entire city of San Juan to rally behind us.”

The protest comes as a person of interest in the crash remains hospitalized, recovering from injuries sustained in the accident. However, officials are still seeking possible suspects in connection to the crash, adding to the family’s frustration and urgency for answers.

The community of San Juan has shown support for the family, with many joining the protest and expressing solidarity with the Rios family. The family vows to continue their fight for justice and hopes that their voices will be heard, bringing closure and peace to their beloved Roberto.