Update on McAllen Animal Cruelty Case: Rescued Pets Receive Care and Support

Palm Valley Animal Society Provides Update on Status of 94 Rescued Animals

In the wake of this weekend’s distressing animal cruelty case in McAllen, the two individuals involved have been charged with 94 counts of animal cruelty. As the investigation continues, Karen Lucero from Fox News provides an update on the status of the rescued pets from the Palm Valley Animal Society’s center.

According to PBS director Faith Wright, most of the animals rescued from the hoarding case have been relocated to other rescue groups. Out of the 94 saved, only 26 dogs remain at the shelter. The animals have received grooming and care thanks to the efforts of local organizations and volunteers.

“It’s been a tough weekend. We saw dogs in the worst shape ever, and now we have happy tears seeing them come back, some of them able to walk now when they couldn’t before due to matted feet,” Wright shared, expressing the emotional journey of the rescue operation.

The majority of the dogs have been taken in by rescue shelters from San Antonio, New York, and Virginia, providing relief to the already overcrowded center. There is a cautious optimism, as the dogs cannot be immediately adopted out due to the ongoing legal case against the women involved, who are still behind bars facing charges.

The center is working to contact owners of several microchipped dogs, and some individuals have already visited the shelter in hopes of finding their lost pets. In the meantime, the Palm Valley Animal Society is calling for community support through monetary donations to aid in the care and rehabilitation of the remaining animals.

To contribute to this cause, you can contact the shelter at (956) 686-1141. For more updates on this case and other local news, stay tuned to foxrgv.tv.