Mayors Address Drought, Immigration, and Economic Growth at South Texas Alliance Meeting

Mayors from South Texas, San Antonio, and Laredo Discuss Critical Issues in Quarterly Meeting

South Texas Alliance of Cities Discusses Water Conservation and Immigration in Quarterly Meeting

The South Texas Alliance of Cities convened for their quarterly meeting in Brownsville, addressing critical issues such as water conservation, immigration, and economic growth. The gathering brought together mayors from the Valley, San Antonio, and Laredo to collaborate and find solutions to regional challenges.

Water Conservation Efforts Amid Historic Drought

A primary focus of the meeting was water conservation, prompted by last month’s historic lows at Falcon and Amistad water reservoirs. Many South Texas cities, including McAllen, have implemented stage two water restrictions to cope with the water shortage. Despite recent rainfall, McAllen’s Mayor Javier Villalobos emphasized that it is insufficient to resolve the crisis.

“We are limited as to what we can do, but I think we are going to start trying to source water from elsewhere, even if it’s brackish. It will be more expensive to make it potable, but we have to do what we have to do,” Villalobos stated.

Immigration and Federal Support

The mayors also discussed immigration issues during a Zoom meeting with White House officials. Mayor Villalobos noted a significant decrease in immigration numbers, which has been beneficial. “The funding is different now, more reimbursement-based. We are fortunate that current numbers are lower than in previous years,” he said.

Economic Impact of SpaceX

The economic impact of SpaceX on South Texas was another key topic. Edinburg Mayor Ramiro Garza shared insights from a recent tour of the SpaceX facilities. “The tour was amazing. It’s part of what the alliance is about—learning what’s happening throughout the region,” Garza remarked.

Positive Engagement with White House Officials

Both Garza and Villalobos reported positive responses from White House officials during their discussions. The coalition of mayors plans to have follow-up meetings with federal representatives to continue addressing these vital issues.

Looking Ahead

The South Texas Alliance of Cities is committed to ongoing collaboration and problem-solving to enhance the quality of life in the region. Future meetings with White House officials are expected to further these efforts.

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Mayors Address Drought, Immigration, and Economic Growth at South Texas Alliance Meeting