Harlingen Daycare Incident: Child In Critical Condition, Employee Arrested

Harlingen police arrest daycare employee after 15-month-old found unconscious; child in critical condition, investigation ongoing.

Daycare Employee Faces Charges After Toddler Found Unconscious in Harlingen

A daycare employee in Harlingen is facing child injury charges after police responded to a distressing incident involving a 15-month-old girl found unconscious at a daycare center near the 1500 block of Dixie Land Road.

Incident Details

Harlingen PD arrested the 30-year-old woman after officers discovered the unconscious toddler. Immediate CPR was administered by officers until EMS and fire crews arrived. The child was rushed to a local hospital and remains in critical condition.

Legal Proceedings

The daycare employee awaits arraignment as the investigation into the incident continues. Authorities are actively reviewing the circumstances surrounding the child’s condition and the events leading up to the distressing discovery.

Community Response

The incident has sparked concern within the Harlingen community, highlighting the importance of childcare safety and rigorous oversight. Parents and residents await further updates on the child’s condition and the outcome of the investigation.

Ongoing Investigation

Harlingen PD is working diligently to gather evidence and interview witnesses to determine the sequence of events that led to the toddler’s medical emergency. Updates are expected as the investigation progresses.


The incident involving the daycare employee and the critical condition of the toddler underscores the need for vigilance and accountability in childcare settings. As developments unfold, local authorities aim to provide clarity and justice in this concerning case.

Harlingen Daycare Incident: Child In Critical Condition, Employee Arrested