Escobares Police Investigate Reports of Armed Suspect Over Weekend

Authorities seek information on man in red hoodie suspected of armed attempt to deliver food

Escobares,Armed Suspect

The Escobares Police Department is actively investigating reports of an armed individual who allegedly attempted to deliver food while dressed in a red hoodie over the weekend. Officer Jesse Alvarez is leading the early stages of the investigation, which has raised concerns within the community.

According to Officer Alvarez, “It is possible that the individual was armed. We are still gathering more information and are in the very early stages of this investigation.” The police have issued a community alert via their Facebook page, urging residents to be vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Residents are advised to be especially cautious of unfamiliar vehicles and any delivery activity that does not align with their orders, particularly during late-night or early morning hours. “If you didn’t order food or aren’t expecting a delivery, and you see something unusual, please call us immediately,” Alvarez added.

As of now, no individuals have been taken into custody, and there are no specific persons of interest identified. However, the Escobares Police Department is appealing to anyone with information about the incident or the individual in the red hoodie to come forward. This can be crucial in helping to prevent further incidents and ensuring the safety of the community.

Authorities emphasize the importance of community cooperation in these situations. The public can contact the Escobares Police Department directly at (956) 847-1200 or dial 911 in case of an emergency.

This ongoing investigation underscores the need for community awareness and the critical role that public participation plays in maintaining safety. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available. Stay informed and connected to community safety efforts by visiting