Edinburg Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Violent Aggravated Robbery

Luis Gerrado Lugo Pena convicted of assaulting and robbing a 78-year-old man; severe trauma reported

Edinburg,Aggravated Robbery

In a significant ruling, an Edinburg man, Luis Gerrado Lugo Pena, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for a brutal case of aggravated robbery. The incident, which occurred last September, involved Pena and his brother-in-law assaulting and robbing 78-year-old Miguel Martinez Aquires.

The attack, characterized by severe violence, resulted in Aquires suffering extensive trauma to his head and face. He was urgently transported to McAllen Medical Center following the incident, highlighting the seriousness of his injuries.

During the trial, jurors heard compelling testimonies from several witnesses who recounted the distressing events of that night. Their accounts played a crucial role in the conviction of Pena, who was found guilty of aggravated robbery—a felony that involves not only theft but also causes harm to the victim.

The case was meticulously investigated by the Pharr Police Department, whose diligent efforts ensured that the details of the crime were thoroughly examined. This case has been a focal point for the community, drawing attention to the violence that elder individuals, like Mr. Aquires, can face.

As Pena begins his 15-year sentence, the community of Edinburg is left to reflect on the impact of such violent crimes and the importance of safeguarding vulnerable citizens. The sentence not only serves as a punishment for Pena but also as a stern reminder of the consequences of engaging in criminal activities that threaten the peace and safety of the community.

For more details on this case and to stay updated on local news, visit foxrgv.tv. This sentencing marks a closure for the victim’s family and a call for continued vigilance against violence in the community.